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Even in this fast and ever changing digital era, products and solutions with analog characteristics but with traditional core technologies continue to seek highest and sustainable functionalities.  Taejin, with 40 years of driving innovation in refining the core technologies that connects the analog and digital product solutions, has been able to sustain its competitive position in this fast changing market place. 
Taejin specializes in manufacturing components and parts with a wide range of materials that offer highest quality and sustainable printing solutions.  Taejin will continue to drive internal and external innovation with upmost collaboration with our clients and business partners.
Sekyu Cho






1977.11. 4,  Seoul Korea

Founder & CEO


Sekyu Cho



Pyungtaek-si, KOREA - HQ, 2nd Factory (Rollers, Shafts, Materials)

Weihai, CHINA - Weihai Taejin Elec. (Rollers, Fuser Ass'y)


Rollers for OA, Fusing Unit, Rollers for ATM

세계 굴지의 OA기기 업체들과 함께하고 있습니다.

Partnering with Global OA Makers


본사         (450-818)  경기도 평택시 세교산단로 21-4     T.031-650-5000   F.031-657-1329

本社         (450-818)  京畿道 平澤市 細橋産團路 21-4     T.82-31-650-5000   F.82-31-657-1329

HQ         (450-818)  21-4 Sekyosandan-ro, Pyungtaek-si, Gyunggi-do, S.Korea     T. 82-31-650-5000   F.82-31-657-1329      

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