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Materials Control


Being able to design the parts of various materials with thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the materials used made the Company to retain competitive strength in the market place.

Taejin is committed to put limitless efforts to become a frontier in research of new materials to satisfy the ever changing needs of our clients.

Roller Making


Taejin is able to make the rollers vary in shapes and fuctionalities with thorough understanding of materials used in manufacturing parts and components of the rollers. 

Taejin maintains competitive position to offer high quality rollers with cost strength with the development of the automated production lines in addition from the designing mold of the rollers.


​-Al, STKM Pipe CNC Lathe

-SUM Shaft CNC Lathe

-Pipe Swaging 

-Friction Welding



-Synthetic Rubber Mixing

-Press/Extruding Forming

-LiquidSiliconeRubber Injection

-Silicone Sponge


-Mold/Jig Design/Making

-Automation Line Building

-Roller Quality Test  


-PFA Film, Tube

-Polyimide Film, Coating

-PFA/PTFE Liquid/Powder


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