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Roller for OA - Fuser

사무자동화기기용 정착기 롤러


레이저 프린터, 복사기에서 토너를 종이위에 정착시켜주는 핵심 기능을 하는 히트롤러, 가압롤러, 정착벨트, 가압스폰지롤러등 여러 정착부의 롤러들을 고객의 요구에 맞춰 개발생산하고 있습니다.


Roller for OA

사무자동화기기용 롤러


Various rollers are used in laser printers and copy machines. 

Rollers serve the tasks of pushing, transporting and guiding of papers processed in these laser printers and copy machines.  Taejin manufactures various rollers vary in shapes and functionalities.

Roller for Photo Printer

포토프린터용 롤러


Recently, miniturized and portable photo printers have attracted end users.  Taejin can manufacture miniturized rollers used in these smaller photo printing solutions.

Roller for ATM

금융단말기기용 롤러


Widely used ATM that process paper moneys and tickets requires speed, accuracy and high durability. Taejin is able to manufacture these rollers used in these ATMs. 

Fusing Unit



Taejin is committed to put limitless efforts to obtain utmost collaboration with clients in manufacturing a wide range of parts used in varieties of rollers. 

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